Buy Zone Credits

For those who only wish to try a few rides, you may purchase Zone Credits and redeem them on a per ride basis. Rides range from 30 to 40 credits. These same credits can also be used to play video/redemption games in TekZone. Games range from 3 to 12 credits per play.

Attraction Under / Sous 36" 36" - 42" Over/Plus de 42" Over/Plus de 48" Cost/Coût
Red Baron 30 Credits
Carousel 30 Credits
Convoy 30 Credits
Rio Grande 30 Credits
Jumpin' Star 30 Credits
Treehouse 30 Credits
Sky Flyer 40 Credits
Tilt-a-Whirl 40 Credits
Scrambler 40 Credits
Krazy Kars 40 Credits
Wave Swinger 40 Credits

To purchase Zone Credits online, simply select the package below and click continue. All prices subject to HST.

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